The Control Room houses 2.1 and 7.1 channel sound systems, a 3D video screen, and mastering level audio equipment. The acoustics of the room are nearly perfect. The Control Room is a highly specialized work environment, built around the latest concepts of signal design, manipulation and routing. Much of the equipment is more often found in mastering suites than recording or electronic music studios (the Ghielmetti patch-bay is particularly ‘idiosyncratic’ and intentionally mounted upside-down). 

Usage Policy

Even experienced, professional engineers may find the signal routing complex and find it difficult to get work done. Thus, for the sake of efficiency and for the protection of the equipment, we adopt the industry standard:

A LIATe trained engineer must accompany anyone entering the LIATe Control Room

In many circumstances this can be arranged without charge. In some circumstances however, it will be necessary to hire an engineer at a modest fee.

Principal resources available

Converters and Monitoring:

  • Apogee Symphony I/O + 8 Analog I/O + 8 AES/EBU
  • Prism Sound ADX8 w/ Pro Tools Card
  • Grace Design m905 5.1 monitor controller
  • Grace Design m903 Stereo monitor controller
  • Metric Halo ULN-8 
  • Antelope Isochrome Master Clock
  • 2.1 Monitors: Lipinski Sound 707s (Bi-amped) with 301 subwoofer and 3 Lipinski mono-block amplifiers 
  • 7.1 Monitors: ADAM Audio S2X with Genelec subwoofer

Microphone Preamps:

  • Earthworks 1024
  • Grace Design Lunitek
  • Avalon 737SP
  • Universal Audio 4-710D


  • Sennheiser MHK 800 (3 Twins and 2 P48s)
  • Neumann U87Ai, TLM170, TLM103, KM184 (2)
  • Manley Reference
  • Schoeps MK2 (2) and MK4 (2)
  • DPA 4011 (2) 4099P (2)
  • Royer R-122 Ribbon (2)
  • AKG 414 UBLS
  • Grace Design Decca Tree

Hardware Signal Processors:

  • Bricasti M7 reverberator
  • Lexicon PCM96SUR-A reverberator
  • Millenia  NSEQ-2 equalizer
  • Cranesong STC-8 compressor
  • Potico Tape emulator
  • Avalon 737SP pre/comp/EQ 
  • SSL Mynx with G series compressor 
  • SPL MixDream

Stereoscopic (3D) Visual Equipment:

  • Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD University 3D Blu-ray/DVD/CD/SACD player
  • Panasonic 65” 3D Plasma TV
  • Matrox MXO2 capture card + Max H.264


  • Mac Pro 6-core  333Mhz  CPU, 16GB RAM  w/ Solid State Drives
  • Euphonix Artist Series controllers
  • ATI 5870 GPU


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Max MSP Jitter
  • Pro Tools HD 3
  • Waves Mercury bundle
  • Altiverb
  • Spectrofoo