Physical design

LIATe comprises two rooms and a sound lock. The Theatre (on the right, below) houses a 24.2 channel sound system, 5 projectors and 5 high contrast screens for immersive projects. The desk upon which the control and audio computer sits is movable, backwards to accommodate larger audiences/ensembles, or forward into the exact acoustical centre of the room for sound spatialization research. The two spaces can be used separately or combined as a traditional recording studio.

Acoustic design

A quiet environment, LIATe has its own dedicated Humidity and Air Conditioning system located several meters off-site, which ensures constant environmental conditions but also low noise levels. The Theatre meets NC-25 noise specifications and the Control Room NC-15. Part of the acoustic design includes specially made DNP 23/23 projection screens. With a screen gain of 2.3, these ensure that our projectors can run at their quietest and most ecologically friendly settings, even with the ambient light necessary for motion tracking and real-time image analysis.