• A UGC funded inter-university facility for arts and science
  • Houses a 24.2 channel sound system 5-channel  video installation
  • Separate 7.1 channel mastering suite


The Laboratory for Immersive Arts and Technology is a joint university facility for transdisciplinary research and creative projects in immersive, 3D audio and multi-screen video. LIATe is funded by the University Grants Council with supplementary funds from the HKBU. It provides a space for creative collaboration between composers, sound artists, video artists, computer programmers, scientists and communication specialists exploring the powerful inter-relationships between different disciplines made possible in the digital domain. Its mission is to build  a community working on the cutting edge of immersive technology, exploiting the artistic possibilities of current and future formats, with a special emphasis on audio. It houses the region’s only 24.2 channel sound system and the UGC’s only 7.1 mastering suite.

The main Theatre also acts as a recording studio with high ceilings for exploring 3D microphone techniques, complimented with a generous collection of high quality microphones and preamps. These lead to a Control Room and 7.1 mastering suite with the highest calibre equipment and acoustics. The audio in the control room is complimented by a stereoscopic ‘3D’ video display and playback system.